In just 3 simple steps, we will find out the license for the song from YouTube. Let's go!

Find music

eProves - offers a search by two parameters: "link from YouTube to a music video" or "song title and author". We will analyze both options in a detailed format.

Let's start with the fact that we have already decided on the song that we want to use in editing for our future video. For example, our choice settled on - «James Brown - The Boss». Then we go to YouTube and put the name into the search bar.

search line on youtube
search line on youtube

Now the important point! It is necessary to find exactly the original track from the author of the music. No remixes, covers or similar song modifications. Because if you change the original track, YouTube will not be able to determine the license.

Read more about the benefits of using remixes and covers of a song here.

After we found and opened the song page on youtube. Copy the link in the address bar to check for eProves. Let's clarify that for the correct processing of the result by our site, the link must be in the format or its shortened version We only support these domain addresses!

copy youtube link
copy the link of the video from YouTube

Check by link

Go to the main page of our service and in the check line - paste the copied link from YouTube.

check youtube music
check the music on the link from youtube

Now it only remains to wait until the site processes the request and is ready to share the result, immediately after verification. On average, one request takes less than 15 seconds. However, during busy times, when many users use the site at the same time, the server does not have time to cope with all the requests. And in such cases, the verification time is delayed up to 20-40 seconds.

In extreme cases, if too many requests are sent at the same time, the server will issue a warning about overloading the site and ask you to try again, a little later.

Check by name

Checking music by name is much easier than searching for it on YouTube. To do this, we still go to the eProves. After that, under the check line, click: Switch to search by song name and insert the selected track.

check music by title
check music by title

It is also important to understand that the search works only if the author and title of the track are indicated. Because, there are often coincidences in the names of songs from different artists. This, in turn, complicates verification for our service.

Plus, you must understand that when you misspelled the title of the music. This will result in the consequences of a search error. Due to a number of these and other reasons, a song title search is less accurate than a YouTube link. But also more convenient to use. Therefore, only you decide which of the options to use.

Result of checking

After the song has been successfully processed, a window appears with information about the track's license.

disallow youtube video monetization
youtube video monetization is disallow

This is the most important block on the site. In which you get information about the name of the music track and the type of its license. There are three options for YouTube copyright. Depending on which you can freely use the selected music in your video. Or, you will have to buy a license from the author. Learn more about license types!

To avoid future claims from the rights of the owner of the song, you must indicate the name of the song and the author, as well as the original source of the song. How do I copy the attribution text?
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