Vocal Epic music 40 - 80

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ONLAP - Out Of My Way [HD]
Sidewise - This Time [HD]
In The Verse - Scars [HD]
Endgame - Evil Ghost [HD]
Carry The Day - Better Days [HD]
From Fall To Spring - Believe [HD]
Message From Sylvia - Crystal Ball [HD]
Fivefold - Just Close Your Eyes [HD]
Burn The Rez - Buried [HD]
Kevin Fly - One More Thing (Trap Music No Copyright Sounds)
Carry The Day - Someone Else [HD]
Late Night Savior - Alive [HD]
The Paper Melody - Keep Them Close [HD]
Ghosts Of August - Three Little Words [HD]
Rameses B - Soul Essence (FREE)
Ends With A Bullet - I'm Alive [HD]
Sleep Signals - Fireproof [HD]
New Saviors - Unforgiven [HD]
Thulium - For Real [HD]
Broach - Finally [HD]
Transgressions - Lost [HD]
ALESTI ft. Johnny Mennell - Pull Us Under [HD]
my.head + Last Japan - Bound
Hollow Point Heroes - Better Days [HD]
Stria - Red Hour [HD]
TrineATX - A Better Place [HD]
ALESTI ft. Rory Rodriguez - Take The Pain Away (Official Lyric Video)
Sleep Signals - I'll Save You [HD]
Dark Signal - Impatient [HD]
In Our Wake - Julia [HD]
Wake Theory - My Enemy [HD]
Blockheads - Rise [HD]
Heart Of Jordan - No Escape [HD]
Evalyn Awake - Nothing Remains [HD]
Cold Driven - The Wicked Side Of Me [HD]
Fable - Killing Our Memories [HD]
Arrows To Athens - Black Sky [HD]
Evans Blue - Beyond The Stars [HD]
Project Vela - War On Falling Stars [HD]
ONLAP - Fight Like The Devil [HD]