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Zelda's Medley
20 Năm Ở Thế Giới
Yoshi ▸ Obstacle Course ~ Coffee Date Remix
Happy birthday (Bulan Sutena cover) lofi remix
Chết Trong Em (raw demo)
You seem like the type (Eenie meenie) cover (lofi remix ft scherina)
Animal Crossing ▸ New Horizons Theme ▸ GlitchxCity and Dj Cutman Remix
Hyrule Temple (Legend of Zelda / Smash Bros) ▸ Tee Lopes Remix
The song that plays for the first week in Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Rameses Borukon - Autumn
Terhebat cover (Lofi remix ft brilliant.dc)
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Lost Woods [Remix]
Breath of the Wild ▸ Tarrey Town ~ Coffee Date Lo-fi Remix
Edmofo - Gisèle (feat. Emma Péters)
Kollektiv SS - Nothing Lasts Forever (Original Mix)
Pigstep ▸ Minecraft Remix
SOFI TUKKER - Ringless (Jay Aliyev Remix)