In The Hall Of The Mountain no copyright
Hall Of The Mountain 袘袝袟 袗袙孝袨袪小袣袠啸 袩袪袗袙 袧袨袙袨袚袨袛袧携携 袦校袟蝎袣袗 袛袥携 袙袠袛袝袨 2021 closed_caption
LAST CHRISTMAS no copyright
CAROL OF THE BELLS no copyright
袨袛袠袧 袛袨袦袗 袧袨袙袨袚袨袛袧携携 袦校袟蝎袣袗 (袘袝袟 袗袙孝袨袪小袣袠啸 袩袪袗袙) CAROL OF THE BELLS closed_caption
JINGLE BELLS - Frank Sinatra no copyright
JINGLE BELLS - Frank Sinatra (袪袝袦袠袣小)袦校袟蝎袣袗 袠袟 袨袛袠袧 袛袨袦袗 closed_caption

Selection of music

On this page you will find a list of music for children of the new 2021. All of the above songs received a large number of auditions for the children's audience.

Music for videos

You can not only listen to New Year's music online, but also check it for copyright. And use it when editing children's videos on YouTube. In order not to get video blocking in the future.

After checking the music online for a license. You can find similar songs, listen to them on our website or go to YouTube. And download it for free in our Telegram channel.

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