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Fight Like Sin - Never Surrender [HD]
Oceans Divide - Beg For Mercy [HD]
TrineATX - Please Don't Go [HD]
Solence - Warriors [HD]
No Resolve - Wake Up [HD]
Transgressions - The Reaper [HD]
Discrepancies - Art Of War [HD]
ONLAP - Who We Are [HD]
Transgressions - Fight Until The End [HD]
Cold Kingdom - M [HD]
Panic Era - Borderline [HD]
Panic Era - The Distance [HD]
Heart Of Jordan - New Life [HD]
TrineATX - Fear [HD]
The Atlantic - Wasting Time [HD]
Bridge To Grace - Vertigo [HD]
Joan Red - Can't Let Go [HD]
ALESTI ft. James DeBerg - House Of Glass [HD]
Daybreak Embrace - Sanctuary [HD]
Fivefold - Step Back [HD]
Mosaic - Dad Rock [HD]
No Resolve - Never Back Down [HD]
Hollow Point Heroes - Calm Before the Storm [HD]
Daybreak Embrace - Retrodrive [HD]
Project Vela - Blame Me [HD]
Barbie Sailers - Away From Me [HD]
New Day Rising - Apathy [HD]
Hazen - The Storm [HD]
Among The First - Never Forget [HD]
Vyces - Thin Luck [HD]
We Are The Empty - Kings and Clones [HD]
Mosaic - Life/Less [HD]
Three Days Grace – Fallen Angel (COVER BY SKG НА РУССКОМ)
Mantra - Exodus [HD]
Coded - Legacy [HD]
ONLAP ft. Oscar of No Resolve - Mondays [HD]
Dear Agony - Low [HD]
Mosaic - Playing With Fire [HD]
Cult To Follow - Down [HD]
Cult To Follow - Through With You [HD]

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