DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) — is a law that complements US copyright law with directives that take into account modern technological advances in the copying and distribution of information.

It takes out of the legal field not only direct infringement of copyright by copying, but also the production and distribution of technologies that allow to circumvent technical means of copyright protection (up to the impossibility of fair use). The act increases liability for copyright infringement via the Internet, while protecting providers from liability for user actions.

Music distribution

The site refers to free Internet resources, information and content on which is freely available.

All information on the website was taken from free and open sources, or from sources, sites, media and other resources that are free or call themselves such.

The materials protected by copyright are intended solely for acquaintance for personal purposes, without any possibility of further use - without a direct agreement with the right of the owner of the composition.

The site administration always cares about placing the most secure content in terms of copyright protection.

However, using these files when placing materials on your resources, or other resources that do not belong to you, as well as when publicly using, copying, publishing, broadcasting and using audio files for commercial purposes, all the possible consequences and risks associated with the requests of these copyright holders , you take over!

Public reproduction and online broadcasting from the site pages of the revealed copyright audio content is prohibited!

We do not give licenses, do not identify or guarantee the involvement of any audio materials in the category "completely free" or "free to use".

Using YouTube Music

Video monetization: free music posted on our site is not claimed in the Content ID system, so it can be used even in those videos that you monetize. If you need to confirm your right to commercial use of music, it is enough to provide the exact name of the song and indicate that it is taken from the YouTube Music Library. Read more here.

To use music on Youtube, additional rights may be required, or attribution in the description!

Docs and Backlinks

We do not provide any official licenses or other documents for the use of audio materials obtained from the site.

By posting a link to our site on your own or third-party resources, you assume all responsibility for possible claims from these copyright holders!

DMCA Policy

If you believe that any material posted on infringes your copyright, you may send a notice asking you to remove the material or close the page with the controversial material in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

After checking the song on our service, click on the "REPORT" button. And in the window that appears, you can describe in detail your position and the reason why this information violates the copyright of someone's property.

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