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eProves HOW TO USE

eProves is an online service for checking if music from YouTube has license. Which works completely free and without registration. Parsing an example: how to find music no copyright

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the song you like and copy its link

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in the search field the copied link or the name of the video from YouTube

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the presence or absence of license in the song for further use in editing

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This is for you if you like high quality music, you are law-abiding and you belong to one of these types of users below. Hurry up! Make sure you subscribe and get a discount until the end of Summer 2021!

иллюстрация рисунок инстаграм пользователь


free forever

  • 6 checks / day
  • 100 library songs
  • save music history
иллюстрация рисунок блогер


$10 $5 / mon forever

  • 200 checks / mon
  • 1.000 library songs
  • save music history
  • download music
  • similar queries
иллюстрация рисунок монтажер

Video editor

$20 $1o / mon forever

  • 1000 checks / mon
  • 10.000+ library songs
  • save music history
  • download music
  • similar queries
  • 100% search accuracy
  • search by .mp3

Income calculator

The online calculator will calculate the earnings from the YouTube channel that you will receive using music no copyright

When you start to monetize your videos with free music, then your projected ad revenue is



There are listed all the benefits of finding music without copyright on eProves. Parsing an example: comparison of online music checker on YouTube


Instant check

It takes about 18 seconds to check if a song is copyrighted, but this time can be reduced up to 10 seconds. Find out how to do that


98% accuracy

YouTube itself provides us with reliable information so there are no mistakes in checking music for copyright


It's free

The eProves is free to use, but You can become a part of its development by going to a donation page


Music Library

There is a library of the most popular high-quality music for your videos. Check out our YouTube channel eProves. Go to eProves channel