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S'Hill - L'Aurore [Chillout/Ambient] (Creative Commons/Free Use)
10GRI - Ceel (Ambient | Chillout | Electronic)
Nomyn - Lucid
S'Hill - Nocturne [Electronic/Downtempo] (Creative Commons/Free Use)
S'Hill - The Blue Sky [Ambient] (Creative Commons/Free Use)
BRAINWAVE - Historical Inspirational Background Music (No Copyright and Royalty Free)
REBORN - Historical Aggressive Background Music (No Copyright and Royalty Free)
Kimiko Ishizaka - J.S. Bach - Variatio 3 a 1 Clav. Canone all Unisuono
A Himitsu - Easier to Fade (feat. Madi Larson)
Butterfly Water - Pastelle & My City Glory
h̷x̷p̷e̷ ~ freedom
10GRI - Fate (Ambient | Chillout | Electronic)
Rap, Trap, Guitar, Instrumental Beat [No Copyright Sound] [ FREE USE MUSIC ] - OZSOUND - Flight
666vandal† - [Æ‚RÆ∫ß[µÓŒıÊŸ[(المال العربي)
zero-project - Echoes (alternative version)
[No Copyright Sound] Epic Piano [Cinematic, Instrumental] [ FREE USE MUSIC ] - Scott Buckley - Sleep
❰Future Garage❱ Electus - Temple of Light (Sappheiros Remix)
MONIN – Limits [Chill Electro] 🎵 from Royalty Free Planet™
Purrple Cat - Alley Cat (No Copyright Music)
The Beginning - Emotional Mysterious Psycho Aggressive Background Music (Copyright and Royalty Free)
𝙏𝙤𝙭𝙞𝙘 - 𝘽𝙤𝙮𝙒𝙞𝙩𝙝𝙐𝙠𝙚
[No Copyright Sound] Saxophone [ House, Vlogs ] [ FREE USE MUSIC ] Esteban Orlando - Chill S.A.X.
Tropical Saxophone Instrumental Beat, Vlogs [No Copyright Sound] [ FREE USE MUSIC ] - Scandinavianz
[No Copyright Sound] Saxophone [Vlog] [ FREE USE MUSIC ] LiQWYD - Rosé Sky
Deep - Calm Ambient Background Music For Videos (Creative Commons)
Neverland by Onycs [Ambient/Chillstep] #NoCopyrightMusic
MENTOR - Cinematic Motivational Background Music (No Copyright and Royalty Free)
Rameses B - Infinity
Artic Desert - Enigma
Melodic Rock, Guitar, Dubstep [No Copyright Sound] [ FREE USE MUSIC ] - Punch Deck - Restabilized
Rameses B - Asteroid (FREE)
💪🏻 Best Workout Music Mix I Motivation I Fitness I Bodybuilding I Running
TIK TOK No Copyright Music Instrumental Melodic Rock [Sound] [Guitar] Punch Deck [FREE USE]
S'Hill - Supernova [Ambient] (Creative Commons/Free Use)
Danny Evo - White Christmas
S'Hill - Awake [Chillstep] (Creative Commons/Free Use)
"The Last Firefly" (Japanese Ambient / Environmental) // The Kyoto Connection
ALIUS - FOOL (Feat. Next To Neon) [Non-Copyright]
Fort Minor - Where'd You Go (Aurora B.Polaris Remix) [Non-Copyright]
Mysterious - Epic Dark Mysterious Background Music (Copyright and Royalty Free)

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All Ambient EDM music from the YouTube channel eProves Music ss posted on the Telegram page. No copyright music. Where you can download .mp3 files Ambient EDM music for free and use them in editing your own video clips.