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TheDiabolicalWaffle - My Wish [Argofox Release]
Dimrain47 - At the Speed of Light
TheFatRat - Never Be Alone
Night Lovell - Counting Down The List
It Meant Everything To Me – Le Gang (No Copyright Music)
Ghostrifter Official - Subtle Break [Lofi Study Music]
Gidexen & NOIXES - Louis (ft M.I.M.E) [Magic Free Release]
LiQWYD - Horizon
Phonk Music (NO COPYRIGHT) Background Song
E.P.O - Assasin (Magic Free Release)
Ghostrifter Official - Back Home [Lofi Study Music]
Silva Hound - Cool Friends (Murtagh & Veschell Remix)

For YouTube

If you are looking for no copyright music for YouTube video editing - Welcome to eProves! The site that contains the largest collection of copyright-free music for vloggers and content creators on YouTube. In addition to the selection of music, you can also check absolutely any song from YouTube for copyright by the name of the song, or the link to the video. It will take less than 10 seconds to find a license for the selected music. As a result, it will help to increase the profit of your YouTube channel.

We have a list of 1000+ songs free to use and publish on YouTube. Many of these songs are used by popular bloggers, who first of all select the music available for further monetizing the video. No copyright music works best for this or as it is also called "royalty-free music." Often these songs are remixes of popular tracks, including cover of song or a bass boosted version.

Free download

More often than not, bloggers want to use "background music" and "game music" for free in their videos. It is these genres of music that have gained great popularity thanks to the authors who post their songs in the public domain with free downloads. We publish this kind of music on our YouTube channel eProves Music, where you can choose the most suitable tracks. Then go to our Telegram channel No copyright music and download the .mp3 file for free.